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NEW: (Updated August 17, 2010):

As of January 2010, the Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board completed its mandate and is no longer active. As of March 31, 2010 Bill Barlow (Former Chair of the Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board) is serving a one year term as "Special Advisor on Lake Winnipeg Stewardship". Reporting to the Honourable Christine Melnick, Minister of Water Stewardship, Mr Barlow is assisting the Province of Manitoba in implementing the Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board's 2006 recommendations. Mr. Barlow's terms of reference are as follows:

(1) With the assistance of a small committee, develop a strategy to implement the Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board’s recommendations relating to nutrient management on First Nations’ lands. Included would be a scan of federal environmental legislation and policies applicable to First Nations.

(2) To communicate, liaise with, and assist wherever possible, those entities such as conservation districts, municipalities, and others that are implementing nutrient reduction practices on the urban and rural landscapes.

(3) To participate in meetings and activities of governance committees such as the Federal-Provincial Lake Winnipeg Basin Committee with a view towards improving coordination of actions across Manitoba’s portion of the Lake Winnipeg watershed.

(4) To provide advice from time to time to the Minister on other matters related to the implementation or coordination of the Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board’s 135 recommendations from its December 2006 report.

(5) To provide the Minister with a brief report of activities of the Special Advisor by March 31, 2011.


The Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board was announced by the government of Manitoba in February 2003 as one of the six actions under the Lake Winnipeg Action Plan.

The role of the Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board was initially to assist the government of Manitoba to achieve the main commitments in the Lake Winnipeg Action Plan of reducing phosphorus and nitrogen in the lake to pre-1970 levels.

On February 14, 2007 the Minister of Water Stewardship renewed the membership and expanded the terms of reference for the Board.

Board members represented a variety of interests, including fishing, agriculture, urban land use, First Nations, federal, provincial and municipal government, and non-governmental organizations.

The Board reported through the Chair to the Minister of Water Stewardship.

The Lake Winnipeg's Stewardship Board's report "Manitoba's Progress Towards Implementing Recommendations of the Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board Recommendations", was released by Minister Melnick on March 18, 2010. This report assesses the progress made in implementing the Lake Winnipeg Stewardship Board's 2006 recommendations. A copy of these reports can be found on the "Publications" page of this website or at: www.gov.mb.ca/waterstewardship/reports/index.html. (See Boards and Commissions section)

Recognizing Success:

We would like to hear about what actions individuals and organization have taken that will have a positive impact on protecting and improving the health of Lake Winnipeg and its watershed.

Please submit your input in an electronic file and email it to Sharon.Gurney@gov.mb.ca.

If you have any questions please contact:
Sharon Gurney, Manitoba Water Stewardship at Sharon.Gurney@gov.mb.ca, 204-945-7114

We appreciate your input.










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